Dry Up is a technological device that was born after years of research with Italian Universities and C.N.R. and that, with the use of only natural energies, restores a balance in the electric current present in the damp walls, restoring the ideal conditions for natural and irreversible drainage. Technology recognized by I.S.C.R. ( Rome's Superior Institute for the Conservation and the Restoration) and monitored by the same Institute in some shipyards. Atena's Dry Up allows to say goodbye to the rising damp, in a non-invasive way without electrical or masonry works of any kind. 

Atena srl with Dry Up pursues two important objectives: to improve the biophysical wellness of man and of the environment, in full respect and maintenance of the harmony of nature, and offer advanced solutions to technical and pathological problems thanks to a wise alliance with the natural energy resources of the environment. 


Born 2009, Atena's Dry Up is the specific system for the drainage of wet walls by rising damp designed and produced following the researches on water and potential electricity by Luigi Vantangoli. Known in the national production sector connected with the world of restoration and recovery of historical facades, as well as the remedy of wall diseases, he has developed this natural system to rebalance the energy charges of environments.
To date  Atena's Dry Up is promoted and implemented by a team of technicians qualified by specific technical training, who support the business informers in the consulting phase, and support them with the analysis and diagnosis of the problems present in the wall, even if microscopic or apparently concealed, thanks to sophisticated equipment. The inspection methods, which involve very strict diagnostic analysis carried out accordance with UNI standards, is  organized so that the client receives a follow-up until the problem with the building restored has been resolved completely.

Dry Up: for a natural balance.


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