Atena's Dry Up is programmed to be placed in the buildings affected with rising damp acts in different  ways. A single device can operate on a building with a ground floor area up 3.000 meters square.

In order to eliminate definitively rising dampness, first of all, it is essential to restore the energy and geophatic situation of the location. This is done by harmonising the so- called "phase" of all the geopathic and electromagnetic perturbations.
Harmonisation of the phase eliminates the background noise of the magnetic geological alterations, restoring the balance and the right polarity between vertical wall structures and the ground.

The sophisticated programming of Atena's Dry Up acts on the water molecules present in the walls at the same time by reorganising the coherent domains of the water. In the way, the device is able to modify substantially the bioelectric field that developed abnormally. Lastly there is a decisive natural reduction of the water surface tension, which makes it possible to facilitate the descent of the liquid to the ground using the force of gravity.


The action of Atena's Dry Up allows to achieve a unique result, through  the only natural energies already present in our planet in particular the electromagnetic field called stationarySchumann modes. Most of the water present in the masonry is brought back into the ground, while a small part evaporates through the surface, all in a totally natural way. 

The time taken for the phenomenon to stop is between one and three years.  The variability of the time required is given by the quantity of water present, the nature of the walls, indoor and outdoor climatic conditions, geological nature of the ground, presence of salts in the walls and the energy situation of the site where the device is installed. 

Dry Up is suitable for operating on a building with a ground floor area up to 3.000 m².

Dry Up mini is instead the ideal solution for small environments affected by rising damp up to a maximum area of the ground floor of 80 m². 

Eliminate rising damp with a single ecological and certified device, consuption-free, that does not need maintenance and electrical or building works to be installed?

With Dry Up e Dry Up mini is possible.


for a more sustainable environment


no wear 


no emission of magnetic or electromagnetic fields


recognised technology by I.S.C.R.


no building or electrical work


only naturally occurring energy

is used


declaration of conformity


no more plaster remaking


allowance 50% - 10% VAT


satisfied or reimbursed up

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